Here are the Check Lists to guide you as to what we need supplied from you as a client. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Invoices
  • Work Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Payables (Supplier invoices, Visa, M/C Statements and receipts)
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cheque Stubs & Cheque Duplicates
  • Deposit Books (Including Visa, M/C Deposit Statements)
  • Bank Statements
  • Payroll Records (Employee information etc.)
  • Physical Inventory Count
  • Vehicle Logbook
  • Last year’s Trial Balance from your accountant
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable outstanding accounts
  • Employee Year To Date information
  • Physical Inventory Count (Last Year)
  • HST / GST / PST / WSIB & Source Deduction Returns
  • Equipment Purchases (Over $250)
  • Copies of Lease / Rental Agreements
  • Copies of Loan / Mortgage Agreements
  • Customer / Vendor Lists
  • Budget Information
  • Backup of your accounting files
  • Your Business
  • Do you have a business number?
  • Depending on province are you registered for PST?


  • T4 slips from your employer
  • T5 slips from your bank broker
  • T3 slips from trusts
  • T4E slips from EI Benefits
  • T4A slips for pensions or annuities
  • T4A (OAS) slips for old age security
  • T4A P slips for pension benefits
  • T4RSP slips for withdrawal of RRSP Funds
  • T5007 slip from Workers’ Compensation / Social Assistance Payments


  • Summary of Rent Received
  • Summary of expenses incurred, including property taxes, insurance, repairs & maintenance, utilities and advertising
  • Statement from your bank showing mortgage interest expense for the year, or other information that will allow us to calculate the interest expense (example: amount of mortgage principal, interest rate, monthly payment, term & start date)


  • Summary of sales transactions during the year from your broker
  • Details of loans taken out to finance purchase of investments or property
  • Details of the purchase or sale of property, including copies of legal documents, legal and accounting fees incurred and other expense


  • Summary of revenue earned during the year
  • Summary of expences incurred in the year including: advertising, business taxes, fees, licenses and dues, equipment lease cost, insurance, interest expense and bank charges, maintenance & repairs, meals & entertainment, office, professional fees, property taxes, rent, telephone, travel and utilities
  • Summary of equipment purchases during the year, including copies of invoices
  • Details of the percentage of use of automobiles and workspace in the home used for the year
  • Details of HST / GST – Collected & Paid depending on which province you live in.


  • RRSP contribution slips
  • Annual union due or professional fee receipts
  • Child care expense receipts
  • Moving expenses
  • Tuition receipts and forms, including those for dependants
  • Medical expense receipts
  • Charitable donations
  • Political donations
  • Carrying charges, including interest expenses and safety deposit box charge employment expenses, including automobile expenses (e.g. fuel, repairs & maintenance, insurance, licensing, parking, registration, interest on car loans, and lease payments or cost of purchasing vehicle), entertainment expense, supplies, work space in the home expenses (e.g. utilities, repairs & maintenance, insurance, property taxes, telephone, rent) details of the percentage of use of automobiles and work space in home and T2200 and GST370 forms completed & signed by your employer


  • T101 Tax shelter slips and financial statements
  • Copy of last years Notice of Assessment